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(Section from Game Mechanics)

  • Most tools, weapons, and armor have a Durability which degrades over time with use.
  • Tools, weapons, and armor all function normally until they reach zero durability, at which point tools and weapons become unusable until repair, and armor stops providing protection until repaired. Repairing will restore the tool, weapon, or armor back to Max Durability with no loss of Quality.
  • Some items, like the Bone Knife, cannot be repaired and must simply be discarded upon reaching zero Durability. (in A19, can be repaired with Bone)

If you do not have the recipe book learnt or the skill learned to repair something like a Sniper Rifle or a Machete, you cannot repair it. Every item takes time and resources to repair, some items needing more than one of a particular resource. The Fixer (Perk) can increase the repairing speed/amount for all items. Other Perks like Tool Smithing (Perk), or Gun Smithing (Perk), among other Perks, will also increase repair speed/amount for their affected items. If an item does not have a durability, it cannot be repaired. For instance Painkillers, Feathers, or Duct Tape cannot be repaired.

Repairing an Item[ | ]

Each item has a specific requirement as to which repair item is needed to repair it. This information can be found by hovering over the item to show its info box.

To repair an item, it is placed into the crafting grid with the relevant repair item, which will allow you to craft an improved item.

To repair a Tool, Weapon or a piece of Clothing use the following method.

  • Open the inventory screen (Default key I ).
  • Click on the damaged item. Repair material will be listed, and must be in inventory.
  • From the item's menu options, click repair or press the equivalent shortcut key (usually <A>)
  • The item will be placed into the crafting queue and, once completed, will return to Max Durability with no loss in Quality.

Repair items[ | ]

The following list contains the items that can be used for repairs.