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Resources are the inventory items that a player can obtain that do not have much function by themselves but can be used by the player to craft more useful items. A resource is sub-categorized as a Basic Resource, an Intermediate Resource, or a Component, utilizing the definitions below.

List of Resources[]

Basic Resources[]

Basic Resources include the various resources found easily throughout the environment and often used to craft basic items. Basic Resources are acquired by activities such as Harvesting, Butchering, Scrapping, Scavenging, or Looting. These materials cannot to be crafted by the player, with the exception of using a Forge to craft/retrieve previously smelted Basic Resources.

Intermediate Resources[]

Intermediate Resources include the various resources that may be found throughout the environment and are usually craftable using other Resources. They often have multiple uses when crafting, as they are not as specialized as a Component Resource. The player doesn't find these resources during the early game, at least not in large quantities.

Component Resource[]

Component Resources are typically items used in crafting 1-2 specific, advanced objects such as Workstations, Weapons, Tools, Vehicles, etc.