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Robotic Drone
Crafted from the Robotic Parts and scrap, the Robotic Drone is the ultimate companion in the apocalypse. It can heal you, help fight and carry some items.

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Category Robot
Type Assistant%Unknown NPC Type
Zombie Type
Loot Container


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The Robotic Drone is an optional Robotic Assistant that will provide health to your character when HP has lowered below a certain point. Robotic Drone has Tiers of Quality which depend on your abiltity to craft at high levels or can be bypassed by paying Traders for a high Quality Robotic Drone. Robotic Drone was introduced in Alpha 20 Experimental.

To place the Robotic Drone place it in your Toolbelt and then selecting it using the 1-0 Keys depending on where it is placed in your Toolbet and pointing your crosshairs anywhere and Right-Clicking to make the green placement silouette appear of the Drone then Right-Clicking again to place it anywhere. It will immediately hover approach you and address you verbally.

There are two menu options available. Looking at the Robotic Drone you can either press E to access the quick menu which will allow you see these quick options:

  • May I see your Inventory
  • Stay Here
  • Nevermind

Holding E will allow you to see the radial menu shown below.

Radial Menu[]

Robotic Drone Menu

The menu can be access by looking at the Robotic Drone and pressing and holding the assigned key to "Talk" to it. While holding the key rotate to navigate the Robotic Drones menu. The selected option will appear in the center and that selection will enlarge bigger than the other options. When you have hovered over the selected the appropriate option you want, release the key and another menu for that option will appear.


Using this option will bring up the Quick Menu


This option is only useful when in Multiplayer when other player you either know or do not know want to take items from your Robotic Drones storage.

Enter Code[]

This option is to allow trusted player to have access to your Robotic Drones storage.


This option will place the Robotic Drone into your player Inventory.

Stay Here[]

This option will force the Robotic Drone to stay in place until it is told to follow your character once again.


This option will show the default storage which is limited to 16 slots but can be expanded with Mods.

Quiet Mode[]

This option will make the Robotic Drone silent (not speaking) giving the player some piece and quiet. The Robotic Drone will act as usual with assisting the player with aid but will not give any verbal warnings until it is turned on again.

Friendly Fire[]

Camera Debug Mode[]


Note: Higher Quality Tiers will require Robotics Inventor.

RoboticsParts.png 5* Robotics Parts At a
after learning from
Schematic.png Schematic
03′ 22"
IngotSteel.png 10* Forged Steel
DuctTape.png 15* Duct Tape
ScrapPlastics.png 15* Scrap Polymers
MotionSensor.png 2* Motion Sensor
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The recipe listed above is for crafting a quality 1 Robotic Drone. With each level of the Perks perk, the player is able to craft a higher quality Robotic Drone, which requires more materials, up to quality 5. Every increasing tier uses 50% more materials.

Required Materials
Quality 1 Quality 2 Quality 3 Quality 4 Quality 5
RoboticsParts.png 5 7 10 12 15
IngotSteel.png 10 15 20 25 30
DuctTape.png 15 22 30 37 45
ScrapPlastics.png 15 22 30 37 45
MotionSensor.png 2 3 4 5 6
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