“A rocket tip is used to make ammo for the rocket launcher.”


The Rocket Tip is a resource used to craft Rockets (ammunition for the Rocket Launcher). This item can be found through scavenging or crafted at the Forge, after the player has found and read the Rocket Launcher Schematic.

Aside from being used to craft Rockets, the Rocket Tip has no other uses.


After reading the RocketLauncherSchematic.png Rocket Launcher Schematic, the player can craft the Rocket Tip at a Forge.png Forge equipped with a ToolAndDieSet.png Tool & Die Set and the following materials:


The Rocket Tip is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Rocket.png Rocket RocketTip.png 1x Rocket Tip, GunPowder.png 16x Gun Powder, DuctTape.png 3x Duct Tape, GasCan.png 100x Gas Can, RocketCasing.png 1x Rocket Casing Workbench Rocket Launcher Schematic
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