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Salvage Operations
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Attribute Perception
Group Scavenging
Max level 5
Experience to level
Experience Multiplier
Experience Multiplier
Skill points to level
Skill points multiplier

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Salvage Operations is a Scavenging Perk in the Perception Attribute.

"Waste not, want not! Salvage items for more resources with a Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver."

Requirements and Effects[]

Skill Level Level Name Effect Description Perception Level Buy
1 Junk Collector Who knows what useful items can be found when tearing things apart? Craft quality 2 poor wrenches. Deal 10% more damage, harvest 20% faster and gains 20% more resources with a Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver. Unlocks Wrench crafting. 1 1 PT
2 Scavenger Most people call you scavver but at least it's an honest living. Craft quality 3 fair wrenches. Deal 20% more damage, harvest 40% faster and gains 40% more resources with a Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver. 2 1 PT
3 Salvager You seem to have a knack for salvaging more useful parts than the average scrapper. Craft quality 4 good wrenches. Deal 30% more damage, harvest 60% faster and gains 60% more resources with a Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver. 3 1 PT
4 Parts Collector Your ability to gather salvaged parts is remarkable. Craft quality 5 great wrenches. Deal 40% more damage, harvest 80% faster and gains 80% more resources with a Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver. 5 1 PT
5 Master Scavenger You are king of the junk dealers and envy of the grease monkeys of the apocalypse. Deal 50% more damage, harvest 100% faster and gains 100% more resources with a Wrench, Ratchet or Impact Driver. 7 1 PT


The following recipes require Salvage Operations

Item Required Materials Workstation Implement Time
Wrench.png Wrench ForgedIron.png Forged Iron *18, MechanicalParts.png Mechanical Parts *6, DuctTape.png Duct Tape *3 - - 03′ 15"

Items that are modified by Salvage Operations[]

Name Item Group Categories Type Modified by Perk
Perception Animal Tracker · Dead Eye · Demolitions Expert · Javelin Master · Lock Picking · Lucky Looter · Salvage Operations · The Infiltrator · The Penetrator · Treasure Hunter
Strength Boomstick · Heavy Armor · Master Chef · Miner 69’er · Mother Lode · Pack Mule · Pummel Pete · Sexual Tyranosaurus · Skull Crusher
Fortitude Healing Factor · Iron Gut · Living Off The Land · Machine Gunner · Pain Tolerance · Rule 1: Cardio · The Brawler · The Huntsman · Well Insulated
Agility Archery · Deep Cuts · Flurry of Blows · From The Shadows · Gunslinger · Hidden Strike · Light Armor · Parkour · Run and Gun
Intellect Advanced Engineering · Better Barter · Charismatic Nature · Electrocutioner · Grease Monkey · Physician · The Daring Adventurer · Robotics Inventor