Note: As of Alpha 14, many Schematics have been removed from the game and converted into Skills.



Sniper Rifle Schematic

Schematics are lootable documents that can be found in bookcases, file cabinets, supply crates, desks and other random containers. Shotgun Messiah Stores are often a good source of Gun Schematics and gun parts.

Once the player has looted a schematic, clicking on it will bring up information as to the type of schematics it is, including if the player already knows it. 

Available Schematics


CrossbowSchematic Crossbow Schematic
HuntingRifleSchematic Hunting Rifle Schematic
PumpShotgunSchematic Shotgun Schematic
SmgSchematics SMG Schematic
SniperRifleSchematic Sniper Rifle Schematic
ClubSpikedSchematic Spiked Club Schematic


ExplodingCrossbowBoltSchematic Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic
FlamingArrowSchematic Flaming Arrow Schematic
ShotgunSlugSchematic Shotgun Slug Schematic


IronBootsSchematic Iron Boots Schematic
IronChestArmorSchematic Iron Chest Armor Schematic
IronGlovesSchematic Iron Gloves Schematic
IronHelmetSchematic Iron Helmet Schematic
IronLegArmorSchematic Iron Leg Armor Schematic
LeatherBootsSchematic Leather Boots Schematic
LeatherGlovesSchematic Leather Gloves Schematic
LeatherHoodSchematic Leather Hood Schematic
LeatherJacketSchematic Leather Chest Armor Schematic
LeatherPantsSchematic Leather Leg Armor Schematic


AugerSchematic Auger Schematic
FirstAidKitSchematic First Aid Kit Schematic
GasCanSchematic Gas Can Schematic

Removed Schematics

These schematics have been removed from the game and can now be crafted as long as the player has appropriate skills and materials.

9mmBulletSchematic 9mm Bullet Schematic
10mmBulletSchematic 10mm Bullet Schematic
762mmBulletSchematic 762mm Bullet Schematic
HammerSchematic Claw Hammer Schematic
SledgehammerSchematic Sledgehammer Schematic
WrenchSchematic Wrench Schematic
ShotgunShellSchematic Shotgun Shell Schematic
HandelbarsSchematic Handlebars Schematic