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Science is a type of Item Group.

List of Science[ | ]

Item Category
4x4TruckPlaceable 4x4 Truck Vehicle
4x4TruckAccessories 4x4 Truck Accessories Component
4x4TruckChassis 4x4 Truck Chassis Component
MineAirFilter Air Filter Land Mine Trap
AloeCream Aloe Cream Medical Supply
AloeVeraLeaf Aloe Vera Leaf Flora
Antibiotics Antibiotics Medical Supply
Bandage Bandage Medical Supply
BatteryBank Battery Bank Device
BloodBag Blood Bag Medical Supply
CementMixer Cement Mixer Placeable
ElectricFencePost Electric Fence Post Trap
Electrictimerrelay Electric Timer Relay Device
ElectricWireRelay Electric Wire Relay Device
FirstAidBandage First Aid Bandage Medical Supply
FirstAidKit First Aid Kit Medical Supply
FortBites Fort Bites Medical Supply
Herbal Antibiotics Herbal Antibiotics Medical Supply
Lantern Lantern
MotionSensor Motion Sensor Device
Painkillers Painkillers Medical Supply
PlasterCast Plaster Cast Medical Supply
Recog Recog Medical Supply
AutoTurret SMG Auto Turret Trap
ShotgunTurret Shotgun Auto Turret Trap
SolarCell Solar Cell Device
Speaker Speaker Device
Splint Splint Medical Supply
MobileSpotlight Spotlight Device, Placeable
Switch Switch Device
PressurePlate Trigger Plate Device
TripWirePost Trip Wire Post Device
Vitamins Vitamins Medical Supply
WireTool Wire Tool Tool