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Scrapping refers to item gathering through scrapping junk or excess items into usable resources. For example, a Car Air Filter can be scrapped to obtain Brass, while a Lead Car Battery can be scrapped to obtain Lead.

Scrapping is useful for saving space when needed, as many different items of a same material can be made to stack together. However, some metallic items should not be scrapped, iron Rebar Frames and Iron Bars are useful for many other purposes.

It should be noted that scrapping items results in less resources than you would be able to obtain by melting the items in a Forge. Instead, you may want to consider using a chest to store the stacked items near your looting area, taking the items to the chest every time you're full, then at the end of the day take one load of whatever stacks are most worthwhile back to your base. Maybe have one chest for items that stack and another for items that don't stack. This game is all hoarding.

Item to Scrap[]

There is a certain 'scrap efficiency', in which certain items, when scrapped, produces more scrap metal than other items. For example, a single Candy Tin Can yields the same amount of Iron as two Empty Cans.

To calculate the amount of scrap you'd get from items, divide the weight of the item by the weight of a single unit of the scrap metal. Some examples are given below.

====Scrap Iron==== (No longer available in game)

  • Iron has a weight of 0.5 lb.
  • A single Hub Cap has a weight of 1.0 lb.
  • 1.0 lb divided by 0.5 lb (1.0 ÷ 0.5) is equal to two units of Scrap Iron.
  • There are many sources of Scrap Iron, the most out of all the other metals. Scrap Iron is mainly used for upgrading building blocks, and can also be used to make explosives.

Scrap Brass[]

  • Brass has a weight of 0.5 lb.
  • A single Brass Candlestick has a weight of 2.0 lb.
  • 2.0 lb divided by 0.5 lb (2.0 ÷ 0.5) is equal to four units of Scrap Brass.
  • There are very few sources of Scrap Brass compared to Scrap Iron. However, Scrap Brass is important for making most calibers of bullets, it can be considered a good find, provided it is found in large numbers.

Scrap Lead[]

  • Lead has a weight of 1.0 lb.
  • A single Lead Car Battery has a weight of 10.0 lb.
  • 10.0 lb divided by 1.0 lb (10.0 ÷ 1.0) is equal to 10 units of Scrap lead.
  • There are even fewer sources of Scrap Lead compared to Scrap Brass, but the Lead Ore is a rather common ore when mining. Lead is important for making both bullets and shotgun shells.

Scrap Tungsten[]