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Category Zombie
Type Hostile%Hostile NPCs
Zombie Type Normal, Feral, Radiated
Effects Summons zombie hordes with her screams
Loot Container 38
Location Spawns in the vicinity of the player once heat threshold has been reached


HP (Normal) 75
HP (Feral) 142
HP (Radiated) 270
HP (Legendary) N/A
Entity Damage
Block Damage
Crit Ratio

Description[ | ]

The Screamer is a special type of zombie that appears and investigates sources of player activity, referred to as heat levels that is based off of sound the player creates either by explosions, firing weapons, or mining using either a tool or an Auger.

A Screamer can be easily identified by their signature white dress, long black hair, and high-pitched shrieks and hisses. They are also shorter than average zombies, and can occasionally be difficult to spot when behind cover.


Side view of the Screamer

Screamers should always be a prioritized kill above any other zombie, for as long as the player remains 'Hunted' the Screamer can continuously summon hordes of zombies roughly every twenty seconds. Therefore, the Screamer should be killed quickly to prevent her from calling more zombies than can be handled.

However, should the player be well-equipped, they can bait or trap a Screamer and kill the incoming hordes for XP. When they are done, simply kill the Screamer to stop zombies from spawning.

Special Ability[ | ]

Once a Screamer finds and targets a player they will begin a series of high-pitched shrieks that summon small hordes of zombies to their aid. If they are not killed, they can continuously summon more zombies until the player is eventually overwhelmed. These small hordes can also contain much more dangerous zombie variants such as Zombie Dogs, Spider Zombies, Infected Police Officers, Feral Zombies, and Radiated Zombies.

Because of this, killing them as quickly as possible is highly recommended to avoid being swamped by numerous hordes of highly dangerous zombies.

Heat-Seeking[ | ]

Screamers will occasionally spawn near areas containing high 'heat levels', which actually refers to noise, and will immediately begin searching for the source of the activity. If the source is inside of a structure or base they may attempt to break inside in order to investigate.

Like all zombies, Screamers can sense player sounds through walls, which means to avoid potentially being spotted, it's recommended that all activities that generate noise such as using a Campfire, Forge, Chemistry Station, should be ceased immediately if a Screamer is heard close by. Firing weapons can add to the Heatmap levels or even usage of devices such as Augers. Having too many Torches or Burning Barrels can also affect the Heatmap.

Combat[ | ]

Screamers are typically slower than the average zombie. They should always be immediately dispatched if sighted, otherwise they will begin to summon small hordes. If spotted, they should be approached with caution, as they have no trouble sensing nearby players. An easier method is to pick them off from a distance before they ever get a chance to scream. If stealth is not an option, a recommended method is to use a firearm in an attempt to score a headshot, as they have low health and predictable movement patterns during the day.

Screamers, like every other zombie, have the ability to sprint at night. This can make them a difficult target because of their small size. Traps can also cause them to become crawlers, making them even smaller and harder to find. Because of this, it's imperative to keep track of a Screamer's position at all times.

Screamer zombies also have a low chance of summoning additional Screamer zombies. This creates the danger of numerous, large, never-ending hordes that continuously spawn. This puts pressure on the player to dispatch the Screamers as soon as possible, because both will continuously start spawning hordes.

The amount of zombies the Screamer summons slowly increases as days pass. For example: A Screamer on Day 90 will summon many more dangerous zombies in larger numbers than on any previous day.

The following list is an example of what to expect as time passes:

Notes[ | ]

  • Screamers emit two different distinct screams based on the player's concealment. The first scream will indicate the Screamer has merely sensed a player (this scream will not summon zombies) and the second louder scream indicates a player is now being 'hunted' and they will begin summoning small hordes in retaliation.
  • If a Screamer is killed without seeing a player, there is a low chance for a second Screamer to spawn and investigate right away.
  • Screamers spawned from Entity Menu in Debug Mode do not appear to actually summon zombies. (Tested on A21.1)
  • Screamers also naturally spawn in the Bell Lake Point of Interest

Video[ | ]

A quick guide to Screamers

A brief overview of precautions to dealing with Screamers

Some advice on how to avoid attracting Screamers in the first place.

Trivia[ | ]

  • As of Alpha 20.7 Screamers can now summon Frozen Lumberjacks, regardless of biome.
  • The new HD Screamer model highly resembles Kuchisake-onna, an urban legend, and malevolent female spirit in Japanese folklore; the spirit's distinctive long black hair, signature mutilated, cut-open mouth, and long white dress are all included in the Screamers appearance.

Alpha 13[ | ]