7 Days to Die Wiki

Description[ | ]

Seeds are essential items used in the planting of grass, trees, and crops. They represent the potential for growth and sustainability in the post-apocalyptic world, allowing players to cultivate Plants to provide the resources for survival.

Seed Types[ | ]

Grass Seeds[ | ]

Grass Seeds can only be obtained via crafting. There is no Seed Crafting Skill level required to be able to craft Grass Seeds.

There is only one type of Grass Seed. It can be planted in order to place a Grass plant on suitable terrain. Grass Seeds can be planted on any fertile block and do not require the use of Farm Plots.

Crop Seeds[ | ]

Crop seeds can be found via Looting, bought from Traders, or crafted once reaching the crafting skill level appropriate for the type of seed you wish to craft. Crafting skill level for seeds is increased by reading Crafting Skill Magazines, specifically 'Southern Farming'. Most seeds have to be planted into a Farm Plot in order to begin growing. Mushrooms can simply be placed on any surface in order to start growing.

Seed Craftable Plant
Aloe Seed yes Aloe Plant
Blueberry Seed yes Blueberry Plant
Chrysanthemum Seed yes Chrysanthemum Plant
Coffee Seed yes Coffee Plant
Corn Seed yes Corn Plant
Cotton Seed yes Cotton Plant
Goldenrod Seed yes Goldenrod Plant
Hop Seed yes Hop Plant
Mushroom Spores yes Mushrooms
Pumpkin Seed yes Pumpkin Plant
Potato Seed yes Potato Plant
Super Corn Seed yes Super Corn Plant
Yucca Seed yes Yucca Plant

Tree Seeds[ | ]

Tree seeds can be harvested by chopping down a tree that is at least at Growth Stage 1.

Seed Name Craftable Tree Name
Blue Spruce Seed No Blue Spruce Tree
Pine Seed No Pine Tree
Oak Seed No Oak Tree