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The serveradmin.xml file holds the settings for who is banned, whitelisted, admins and server command permissions.

Default Settings[]

Below serverconfig.xml taken from 7 Days to Die version Alpha 20 Stable B238.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   This file holds the settings for who is banned, whitelisted,
   admins and server command permissions. The admin and whitelist sections can contain
   both individual Steam users as well as Steam groups.

   You can find the SteamID64 of any user with one of the following pages:
   https://steamdb.info/calculator/, https://steamid.io/lookup, http://steamid.co/
   http://steamid.co/ instructions:
   Input the player's name in the search field. example: Kinyajuu
   If the name doesn't work, you can also use the url of their steam page.
   Also you may add/remove admins, mods, whitelist, blacklist using in game commands.
   You will want the STEAM64ID. example: 76561198021925107

   You can find the SteamID64 of any group by taking its address and adding
   to the end. You will get the XML information of the group which should have an entry
   Example: The 'Steam Universe' group has the address
   So you point your browser to
   And see that the groupID64 is 103582791434672565.

   permission level : 0-1000, a user may run any command equal to or above their permission level.
   Users not given a permission level in this file will have a default permission level of 1000!

   cmd : This is the command name, any command not in this list will not be usable by anyone but the server.
   permission level : 0-1000, a user may run any command equal to or above their permission level.
   Commands not specified in this file will have a default permission level of 0!

  <!-- Name in any entries is optional for display purposes only -->
    <!-- <user steamID="76561198021925107" name="Hint on who this user is" permission_level="0" /> -->
    <!-- <group steamID="103582791434672565" name="Steam Universe" permission_level_default="1000" permission_level_mod="0" /> -->
    <!-- <permission cmd="dm" permission_level="0" /> -->
    <!-- <permission cmd="kick" permission_level="1" /> -->
    <!-- <permission cmd="say" permission_level="1000" /> -->
    <permission cmd="chunkcache" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="debugshot" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="debugweather" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="getgamepref" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="getgamestat" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="getoptions" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="gettime" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="gfx" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="help" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="listplayerids" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="listthreads" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="memcl" permission_level="1000" />
    <permission cmd="settempunit" permission_level="1000" />
    <!-- If there are any items in the whitelist, the whitelist only mode is enabled -->
    <!-- Nobody can join that ISN'T in the whitelist or admins once whitelist only mode is enabled -->
    <!-- Name is optional for display purposes only -->
    <!-- <user steamID="" name="" /> -->
    <!-- <group steamID="" name="" /> -->
    <!-- <blacklisted steamID="" name="" unbandate="" reason="" /> -->


Up-to-date as of Alpha 20 Stable B238.

Option Description Default Value
admin Manage user permission levels
AdminSpeed as AdminSpeed
ai AI commands
aiddebug Toggles AIDirector debug output.
audio Watch audio stats
automove Player auto movement
ban Manage ban entries
bents Switches block entities on/off
buff Applies a buff to the local player
buffplayer Apply a buff to a player
camera cam Lock/unlock camera movement or load/save a specific camera position
chunkcache cc shows all loaded chunks in cache
chunkobserver co Place a chunk observer on a given position.
chunkreset cr resets the specified chunks
clearJunkDroneData clearjd clears the player junkDrone data.
commandpermission cp Manage command permission levels
creativemenu cm enables/disables the creativemenu
debuff Removes a buff from the local player
debuffplayer Remove a buff from a player
debugmenu dm enables/disables the debugmenu
debugshot dbs Usages: debugshot [save perks] Lets you make a screenshot that will have some generic info on it and a custom text you can enter. Also stores a list of your current perk levels in a CSV file next to it if the optional parameter 'save perks' is set to true
debugweather Dumps internal weather state to the console.
dms Gives control over Dynamic Music functionality.
dof Control DOF
Dynamic mesh zz Dynamic mesh
Dynamic mesh debug zd Dynamic mesh debug
exhausted Makes the player exhausted.
exportcurrentconfigs Exports the current game config XMLs
exportprefab Exports a prefab from a world area
floatingorigin fo
fov Camera field of view
gamestage Shows the gamestage of the local player
getgamepref gg Gets game preferences
getgamestat ggs Gets game stats
getlogpath glp Get the path of the logfile the game currently writes to
getoptions Get game options
gettime gt Gets the current game time
gfx Graphics commands
givequest usage: givequest questname
giveself usage: giveself itemName [qualityLevel=6] [count=1] [putInventory=false] [spawnWithMods=true]
giveselfxp usage: giveselfxp 10000
help Help on console and specific commands
kick Kicks user with optional reason. "kick playername reason"
kickall Kicks all users with optional reason. "kickall reason"
kill Kill a given entity
killall Kill all entities
lgo listgameobjects List all active game objects
lights Light debugging
listents le lists all entities
listplayerids lp lists all players
listthreads lt lists all threads
loggamestate lgs Log the current state of the game
loglevel Telnet/Web only: Select which types of log messages are shown
mapdata Writes some map data to an image
mem Prints memory information and unloads resources or changes garbage collector
memcl Prints memory information on client and calls garbage collector
networkclient netc Client side network commands
networkserver nets Server side network commands
newave Test new HD stuff.
occlusion Control OcclusionManager
pirs tbd
placeblockrotations pbr Places all rotations of the currently held block
placeblockshapes pbs Places all shapes of the currently held variant helper block
pois Switch distant POIs on/off
pplist Lists all PersistentPlayer data
prefab Prefab commands
profilenetwork Writes network profiling information
profiling Enable Unity profiling for 300 frames
reloadentityclasses rec reloads entityclasses xml data.
removequest usage: removequest questname
repairchunkdensity rcd check and optionally fix densities of a chunk
resetallstats Resets all Steam achievement stats (and achievements when parameter is true)
saveworld sa Saves the world manually.
say Sends a message to all connected clients
ScreenEffect Sets a screen effect
setgamepref sg sets a game pref
setgamestat sgs sets a game stat
settargetfps Set the target FPS the game should run at (upper limit)
settempunit stu Set the current temperature units.
settime st Set the current game time
show Shows custom layers of rendering.
showalbedo albedo enables/disables display of albedo in gBuffer
showchunkdata sc shows some date of the current chunk
showClouds Artist command to show one layer of clouds.
showhits Show hit entity locations
shownexthordetime Displays the wandering horde time
shownormals norms enables/disables display of normal maps in gBuffer
showspecular spec enables/disables display of specular values in gBuffer
showswings Show melee swing arc rays
showtriggers Sets the visibility of the block triggers.
shutdown shuts down the game
sleeper Show sleeper info
sleeperreset Show sleeper info
smoothworldall swa Applies some batched smoothing commands.
spawnairdrop Spawns an air drop
spawnentity se spawns an entity
spawnentityat sea Spawns an entity at a give position
spawnscouts Spawns zombie scouts
SpawnScreen Display SpawnScreen
spawnsupplycrate Spawns a supply crate where the player is
spawnwanderinghorde spawnwh Spawns a wandering horde of zombies
spectator spectatormode sm enables/disables spectator mode
spectrum Force a particular lighting spectrum.
stab stability
starve hungry food Makes the player starve (optionally specify the amount of food you want to have in percent).
switchview sv Switch between fpv and tpv
SystemInfo List SystemInfo
teleport tp Teleport the local player
teleportplayer tele Teleport a given player
testDismemberment tds Dismemberment testing toggled.
testloop Test code in a loop
thirsty Makes the player thirsty (optionally specify the amount of water you want to have in percent).
traderarea ...
trees Switches trees on/off
twitch usages: twitch <command> <params>
updatelighton Commands for UpdateLightOnAllMaterials and UpdateLightOnPlayers
version Get the currently running version of the game and loaded mods
visitmap Visit an given area of the map. Optionally run the density check on each visited chunk.
water Control water settings
weather Control weather settings
weathersurvival Enables/disables weather survival
whitelist Manage whitelist entries
wsmats workstationmaterials Set material counts on workstations.
xui Execute XUi operations

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