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"Shamway foods, the #1 maker of meat-like products" -shamway foods' slogan

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Shamway Foods' logo.

Shamway Foods is a large-scale industrial food company in the 7 days to die universe, much like "crack-a-book", "working stiff tools", "pass-n-gas", and others. It is the company that makes Shamway POI's, Shamway crates, and all Shamway related food items. Not much is known about Shamway, although the game heavily implies that it is likely a cheap food company, such as how the recipe for "can of sham" includes rotting flesh, and how its slogan says "#1 in maker of meat-like products".

Trivia[ | ]

Shamway is likely a paroady of the real life fast food company, "Subway".

The trader will sometimes reference Shamway if the player looks at their items but doesnt buy anything.