“A part of the minibike. Assemble with other parts and set into a placed chassis once you've read the schematic.”


The Shopping Basket is an optional item used in the assembly of the Minibike.

When added to an assembled Minibike, Shopping Basket add between 9 to 40 storage spaces, depending on the quality of the Shopping Basket.


The Shopping Basket cannot be crafted, instead the player should buildings that resemble stores, specifically Shamway Grocery Stores. Often Shopping Baskets will be inside of the building, in the corner and on the floor.


Shopping Basket are used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Mini bike.png Minibike MinibikeChassis.png 1x Minibike Chassis, MinibikeHandlebars.png 1x Minibike Handlebars, MinibikeSeat.png 1x Minibike Seat, MinibikeWheels.png 1x Minibike Wheels, Optional: ShoppingBasket.png 1x Shopping Basket, Padlock.png 1x Padlock Minibikes for Dumbshits
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