“A long-barreled shotgun uses shells for ammo. Can be re-assembled and repaired if you read the Shotgun Schematic.”


The Shotgun is an assembled weapon that can fire Shotgun Shells or Shotgun Slugs.

This weapon has no base damage and as a result all of its damage comes from the type ammunition its loaded with.

The Shotgun can also be found when scavenging but is most often found in Supply Crates, Shotgun Messiah Stores, and from Infected Policeman corpses.


After reading the Shotgun Schematic, the Shotgun is assembled with the following items:


The following ammunition can be used with the Shotgun:

Image Name Entity Damage Block Damage Additional Effects
ShotgunShell.png Shotgun Shell 3.6 - 9 5.4 - 13.9 Each Shogun Shell will release 8 pellets, possibly dealing 8x (3.6 - 9) damage to entities.
ShotgunSlug.png Shotgun Slug 100 - 150 100 - 150


As an assembled weapon, the Shotgun's individual parts affect different stats:

Image Name Entity Damage Block Damage Additional Effects
PartsPumpShotgun barrel.png Shotgun Long Barrel
PartsPumpShotgun receiver.png Shotgun Receiver Fall Off Range: 36 - 60
PartsPumpShotgun parts.png Shotgun Parts
PartsPumpShotgun stock.png Shotgun Stock Degradation Rate: 9 - 9
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