“A part of the long-barrel shotgun. Assemble with other parts to create a complete shotgun once you've read the shotgun schematic.”


The Shotgun Stock is a part of Shotgun and can found when scavenging or from looting.

When scavenging, the Shotgun Stock is most often found in Supply Crates, inside Shotgun Messiah Stores, and from Infected Policeman corpses.


When assembled with the other parts to complete the Shotgun, the Shotgun Stock effects the following stats:

  • Degradation Rate: 9 - 9


The Shotgun Stock is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Shotgun.png Shotgun PartsPumpShotgun barrel.png 1x Shotgun Long Barrel, PartsPumpShotgun receiver.png 1x Shotgun Receiver, PartsPumpShotgun parts.png 1x Shotgun Parts, PartsPumpShotgun stock.png 1x Shotgun Stock, Flashlight02.png 1x Flashlight Optional Shotgun Schematic
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