Players can increase their skills in multiple ways. The first way is simply by leveling. Every time a character levels, they are given five points to spend however they choose in the Skills window. The next way is through crafting, using tools and weapons, scavenging, looting - pretty much anything the character does to survive. Those points are assigned automatically.

The last way to gain points is by reading Schematics. The first time a player reads one, they will gain the ability associated with that specific Schematic. If they find another one of the same type, the can read it again. Since they already know the recipe, the player will instead be given a point towards the proficiency.

Some abilities in the Skills list can only be unlocked by putting points into it, such as the ability to create a Cement Mixer or a Workbench. Many of them will have a pre-requisite that must be met prior to unlocking, such as having a specific amount of points into Construction Tools before they are able to unlock the Concrete Mixer.

List of Skills

Player Skills

Item Usage Skills

Crafting Skills

Weapon Smithing (Skill)

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