Perks are used by the player to increase their effectiveness with many different Game Mechanics (although not all of them). They can make the player more proficient with certain types of weapons. They can help the player collect resources at a higher rate with Mother Lode (Perk), or teach the player to craft new items or higher quality items. Skills and Perks are the player's way of progressing in 7 Days to Die, and is a very important part of surviving.

Experience points are awarded every character Level, granting the player 1 skill point each character level to increase the level of Attributes and Perks. Skill points can also be acquired from completing Quests.

You can create and share Skill and Perk builds for past, present and future versions of the game using Perkalator | The 7 Days to Die Skills and Perks Calculator for both Vanilla and Modded games, or simulate perk builds with the Alpha 17 Perks Calculator.


There are 5 primary Attributes: Perception, Strength, Fortitude, Agility and Intellect. Each of these attributes has 10 levels requiring one or more skill points and gives a bonus in that category with every level. The difference between Attributes and Perks are that Attributes must be learned first, as most Perks require a certain level of Attribute, which may also require a certain Character Level.


Perks are used to more effecitvely and immediately to affect the player's ability to do things. This can range from giving a flat bonus damage to shotguns using Shotgun Messiag (Perk) or teach the player a new ability such as Master Chef (Perk)

Skill Level Most Perks Pack Mule Hammer and Forge Grease Monkey Advanced Engineering Yeah Science! Physician
1 Attribute 1 Attribute 1 Attribute 4

Character 10

Attribute 4 Attribute 5

Character 25

Attribute 6 Attribute 5
2 Attribute 3 Attribute 2 Attribute 5

Character 20

Attribute 6

Character 25

Attribute 7

Character 40

Attribute 7 Attribute 7
3 Attribute 5 Attribute 3 Attribute 6

Character 35

Attribute 7

Character 50

Attribute 8

Character 60

Attribute 8 Attribute 8
4 Attribute 7 Attribute 5 Attribute 8

Character 70

Attribute 9

Character 85

Attribute 9

Character 80

Attribute 9 Attribute 9
5 Attribute 10 Attribute 7 Attribute 10

Character 100

Attribute 10

Character 120

Attribute 10

Character 100

Attribute 10 Attribute 10

Perception Attribute

Marksmanship Perks

Scavenging Perks

Strength Attribute

General Strength Perks

Melee Combat Perks

Construction Perks

Fortitude Attribute

Survival Perks

Recovery Perks

Agility Attribute

Athletics Perks

Stealth Perks

Intellect Attribute

Influence Perks

Craftsmanship Perks

Below are skills/perks that were used in previous versions of the game


Player Perks

Item Usage Perks

Crafting Perks


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