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Skills and Perks in 7 Days to Die represent the abilities and proficiencies that characters can develop over time through practice and experience. The skill and perks system offers depth and flexibility, allowing players to tailor their characters to suit their preferred playstyles and strategies. By investing in various skills, attributes, and perks, players unlock new abilities and can enhance their effectiveness in combat, crafting, resource gathering, and survival, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the post-apocalyptic world.

Skills and Perks System[ | ]

Gaining Skill Points[ | ]

A crucial component of the Skills and Perks System is gaining skill points. Players primarily accomplish this via gaining experience and leveling up their character. The player may additionally gain skill points through completing Quests.

Characters start the game at Level 1. They gain Experience by performing various activities while they roam the wasteland, eventually accumulating enough experience to progress their Character Level. Characters gain 1 spendable skill point every level.


Spending Skill Points[ | ]

Once a skill point has been accumulated, it may be spent by navigating to the Skills Window. Here, characters can choose to increase one of their 5 Attributes. They may also spend skill points on buying Perks that are associated with each of these Attributes. Most attribute-associated Perks have an Attribute level minimum that must be met before allowing further Perk level purchases.

Reading Perk Books[ | ]

There are many other Perks that are not directly associated with character Attributes. These Book Perks cannot be purchased using skill points and are only able to be obtained by reading the various Perk Books found throughout the game world. Each volume of the various Perk Books unlocks a permanent perk that provides a specific benefit to various aspects of gameplay. These Perk Books do not need to be read in any particular order. Read all the volumes in a series and receive a special collector's perk.

Progress in these Book Perks can be tracked via the Skills Window by selecting the Perk Books submenu.

Reading Crafting Skill Magazines[ | ]

Crafting Skills determines the crafting quality of specific item types and also boosters the chances of finding a Perk Book related to that crafting skill when looting.

Crafting Skill can only be increased in level by reading corresponding Crafting Skill Magazines specific to that skill. Each magazine read increases that skill level by one. As each Crafting Skill progresses, characters have the ability to craft higher quality items and can also craft a greater selection of more advanced items.

Progress in Crafting Skills can be tracked via the Skills Window by selecting the Crafting Skills submenu.