“Used in many recipes including stone axes, campfires & arrows. Can be thrown to distract zombies & are a core forging resource.”


The Small Stone is common crafting item that can be found in all biomes and is used in many of the beginning recipes. Small Stones can also be crafted later on in the game from Stone.


Small Stones can also be thrown when equipped on the player's toolbelt. When thrown Small Stones can be a distraction for zombies.


Small Stone is crafted at the Forge.png Forge with the following materials:


Small Stone is used in the following recipes:

Image Name Materials Workstation Learned From
Arrow .png Arrow RockSmall.png 1x Small Stone, Wood.png 1x Wood, Feather.png 1x Feather
Asphalt.png Asphalt CrushedSand.png 8x Crushed Sand, RockSmall.png 17x Small Stone, OilShale.png 5x Oil Shale Cement Mixer
BlunderbussAmmo.png Blunderbuss Ammo RockSmall.png 1x Small Stone, GunPowder.png 1x Gun Powder, Paper.png 1x Paper
Campfire.png Campfire RockSmall.png 8x Small Stone
CobblestoneRocks.png Cobblestone Rocks ClayLump.png 1x Lump of Clay, RockSmall.png 1x Small Stone
ConcreteMix.png Concrete Mix CrushedSand.png 1x Crushed Sand, RockSmall.png 2x Small Stone, Cement.png 1x Cement Cement Mixer Concrete Mixing
CrushedSand.png Crushed Sand RockSmall.png 1x Small Stone Cement Mixer
DestroyedStone.png Destroyed Stone RockSmall.png 18x Small Stone
Forge.png Forge RockSmall.png 50x Small Stone, ClayLump.png 50x Lump of Clay, Bellows.png 1x Bellows, ShortIronPipe.png 1x Short Iron Pipe
Crucible.png Crucible ForgedIron.png 40x Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts.png 10x Mechanical Parts,

RockSmall.png 1200x Small Stone, ClayLump.png 900x Lump of Clay

Workbench Steel Smithing (Perk)
Gravel.png Gravel CrushedSand.png 10x Crushed Sand,

RockSmall.png 10x Small Stone

Stone.png Stone CrushedSand.png 10x Crushed Sand,

RockSmall.png 18x Small Stone, Cement.png 4x Cement

Cement Mixer
StoneAxe.png Stone Axe RockSmall.png 4x Small Stone, YuccaFibers.png 2x Plant Fibers, Wood.png 2x Wood
StoneShovel.png Stone Shovel RockSmall.png 5x Small Stone, YuccaFibers.png 3x Plant Fibers, Wood.png 3x [[Wood]
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