“A sniper rifle uses 7.62mm ammo and has a scope for zooming. Can be re-assembled and repaired once you've read the schematic.”


The Sniper Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, fitted with a telescopic zoom sight, and holds 5 rounds of 7.62mm Rounds.

Equipped with a suppressor the Sniper Rifle is quieter than the Hunting Rifle but is found less frequently.


The Sniper Rifle and the individual Sniper Rifle parts are most often found in Supply Crates and inside Shotgun Messiah Gun Crates. The Infected Police Officer and Fallen Soldier are the only zombies that have a higher chance to drop firearms and ammunition.


After reading the Sniper Rifle Schematic, the Sniper Rifle can be assembled with the following parts:


As an assembled weapon, several of the Sniper Rifle's stats are derived from its individual parts. The table below lists which stat(s) each part effects:

Image Name Entity Damage Block Damage Effects
PartsSniperRifle barrel.png Sniper Rifle Barrel 41.4 - 69 8 - 14
Sniper Rifle Parts.png Sniper Rifle Parts Accuracy: 13 - 13
PartsSniperRifle receiver.png Sniper Rifle Receiver Range: 96 - 160
PartsSniperRifle stock.png Sniper Rifle Stock Dismemberment Change: 1% - 6%
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