Snowy Forest

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Snowy Forest
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Navezgane Yes
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Description[edit | edit source]

The Snowy Forest is a dense, and snowy forest completely covered with Snow. It is the home of the Frozen Lumberjack, a tough zombie, which when looted has a chance of having rare items.

Points of Interest in this biome include Army Recon Campsites and Sawmills.

Dangers inherent to the Snowy Forest include the low visibility and low Temperature. Fog, snow and dense pine forest can obscure the player's vision, sometimes leading to unexpected zombie attacks. The Snowy Forest also has the lowest temperatures of all biomes, making it more difficult to survive during early game phases, when resources and player-statistics are low.

Environment[edit | edit source]

There are plenty of Small Stones on the ground, and Blueberry Bushes also grow abundantly in this Biome , which makes for easy starter food. The player can also use some of the abundant Snow to make Bottled Murky Water.

When spawning in this biome, the character must take rapid measures against the cold; Plant Fiber or Cloth clothes can help keep the player warm. A cave to protect the player from the elements, as well as a warm Campfire, can also help.

The Snowy Forest makes a poor biome to live in until a survivor has adequate resources to withstand the extreme temperature.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Lumberjacks used to populate this Biome, therefore it's common to find Sawmills where lots of wood can be found. As in all biomes, it is possible to find cities, stores, and other POI's in this biome.

The only Points of Interest unique to the Snowy Forest are:

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