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If you are interested in joining a Discord to work on the wiki, let me know

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Hello KhulKhuum, maybe you can help me. I want update the weapons on the german wiki. I cant find the dmg for the ranged weapons in the items.xml. For example the HuntingRifle: I find only the EntityDamage with value 5, but this is the dmg for blocks. Do you know, where i find it?

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I stumbled across this question and I didn't know the answer either, so I did some digging.

Entity/Block damage for ranged weapons is attached to the ammo, not the weapon. Starting at around line 3292 of items.xml you'll see "ammunition / arrows / bolts / fuel", along with Entity/Block damage values for each ammo type. For example, "ammo9mmBullet" shows "name="EntityDamage" operation="base_set" value="32""

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