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Hi Magneto555, you appear to be the most recently active admin. I've made a video demonstrating that smell does not have an impact on the heatmap. As such, I attempted to remove the smell section from the Heatmap page ( and add smell to the "What Does NOT Increase Heatmap" section, along with a proper reference link to the video using the <ref> tag.

I received a long message stating my edits were matched by spam filter, contained a blacklisted site link (youtube), and contained a section removal.

What do I need to do in order to make such constructive edits?

Thanks, Brendan

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Everything except the youtube link triggering the spam filter seems to have resolved itself

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Great, for the spam filter you ned to talk with Game widow being a topic of the site.

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Hey I'm not sure how to respond to you on my talk page so I thought I might as well say it here. Thanks for the information on deleting pages and I will it keep it in mind. Also thank you for the compliment about what I've done on the wiki. ^-^

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To have a conversation on a talk page you have to indent your answer in a separate line, adding two points (:) for each level, adding more levels progressively. Your interlocutor will also do the same to answer you. Also you may sign your comments with the "Signature and stamp" button.


Hello there

Hi, how are you.
Fine Thanks.

I'm glad I helped you!. You're welcome.

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Hi, quick question: do you remember how you got the damage value for the chainsaw? items.xml says 'damage_entity="16" damage_block="0.2"' now. Did they change it in one of the last updates?

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