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Max Load

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[[File:StructuralIntegrity.png|thumb|right|red = supported; green = five unsupported]]
[[Brick]] has a {{PAGENAME}} of 65 and a [[Mass]] of 13. Each side of the block may hold up to 65 mass (65 ÷ 13 = 5). This means the player may connect five [[Brick|Bricks]] to every side of a '''supported''' [[Brick]] block before the construction breaks. If you add a sixth block to one of the beams the whole beam collapses. Even if you make turns in your construction, if the {{PAGENAME}} for a side is reached the block breaks.
==Video Tutorial (Alpha 13)==
The video below explains the physics of mass and max load for various building materials in detail as of alpha 13.
== See also ==