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Description[ | ]

Stamina is one of the four main Character Stats and is displayed as a royal blue horizontal bar on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Stamina represents the amount of energy you have to perform various physical activities such as sprinting, jumping, pedalling a Bicycle, swinging a weapon or tool, or drawing a bow. Spent stamina will slowly replenish over time, even while the player is doing an activity that is using stamina.

Stamina Depletion and Fatigue[ | ]

Stamina is depleted when the player engages in certain actions, these are as follows:

  • Sprinting or Jumping.
  • Using Tools or Weapons.
  • Pedaling or Sprinting on a Bicycle.
  • Drawing a bow or aiming a ranged weapon.

When the player's Stamina runs out, they won't be able to sprint. A player cannot use a Tool or Weapon unless they have enough Stamina for at least one use. Aiming a range weapon uses Stamina, but you can maintain aiming even when Stamina is at zero.

Stamina Recovery[ | ]

Spent Stamina will slowly replenish over time, even while the player is doing an activity that is using Stamina.

Certain items will increase your stamina regeneration rate, including:

Max Stamina Restoration[ | ]

Max Stamina is the current maximum to which your Stamina can be replenished.

Max Stamina is usually equal to your Fullness level, but it cannot exceed your Max Stamina Cap.

When your Fullness level drops below your Max Stamina Cap, your Max Stamina will decrease. In order to restore lost Max Stamina, consume food to raise your Fullness.

Alpha 17 and after your stamina is now equal to your level it can be increased by having someone with Charismatic Nature level 1 nearby and drinking specific drinks.

Alpha 16 and before Wellness determines stamina amount while sexual tyrannosaurus also increased the amount gained

Videos[ | ]

The most efficient ways to refill stamina