7 Days to Die Wiki

Description[ | ]

Many of the food or drink items, environments, interactive objects or events in 7 Days to Die can give the player a particular status effect. These are expressed as a positive or negative buff. A corresponding icon will be displayed above the player's health bar. This can be found in the lower left corner of the screen while a buff is active. Many of them give either a temporary or permanent gain or loss in health, strength, stamina, damage resistance. It is possible to have multiple Buffs active at the same time.

Positive Buffs[ | ]

Name Health Stamina
CaffieneBuzz Blackstrap Coffee (Buff)    +25% Regeneration
Beer icon Buzzed    
CaffieneBuzz Coffee (Buff)    +20% Regeneration
NewbieCoat icon Death XP Penalty Protection    
EfficientDigestion Efficient Digestion    
Beer icon Grandpa's Moonshine (Buff)  +20 every second  +60% Regeneration
Health Recovery icon Health Recovery    
Run icon Mega Crush!    +15 every second
Pain Killers Pain Killers (Buff)    
Pain Killers Vitamins (Buff)    
Ui game symbol campfire Warming Fire    
CaffieneBuzz Yucca Juice Smoothie (Buff)    

Negative Buffs[ | ]

Name Hunger Thirst Health Stamina
Critical icon Bleeding      -1 every second  -1 every second
Broken Arm        
Brokenbone icon Broken Leg        
Fire icon Burning - Molotov      -12 every second  
Fire icon Burning      -10 every second  
O2 Cannot Breathe        
Cold icon Cold        
Concussion Concussion        
Radiation icon Deadly Radiation        
Thirst icon Dehydrated        
O2 Drowning      -1 every second  
Dysentery Dysentery        
PackMule Encumbered        
Fatigue Fatigue        
Cold icon Freezing        
Hot icon Hot        
Hunger icon Hungry        
Infection Infection - Stage 1        -0.3 every second
Infection Infection - Stage 2        -1 every second
Infection Infection - Stage 3      -1 every 3 seconds  -2 every second
Infection Infection        
Critical icon Internal Bleeding      -15 every second  -15 every second
Near Death Trauma icon Near Death Trauma        
Plaster Cast (Arm)        
Plaster Cast (Leg)        
Thirst icon Severely Dehydrated      -1 every 24 seconds  
Ui game symbol electric power Shocked      -3 every 0.5 seconds  
Splinted Arm        
SplintedLegIcon Splinted Leg        
Sprained Arm        
Brokenbone icon Sprained Leg        
Hunger icon Starving        
Stunned Stunned        
Hot icon Sweltering        
Thirst icon Thirsty        
Hunger icon Very Hungry