The Steel Pickaxe is a high-tier Tool primarily used for Mining in 7 Days to Die.


The Steel Pickaxe is multi-use Tool that can be crafted or found through scavenging.

If a player crafts the Steel Pickaxe, its quality will depend on the level of the player's Tool Smithing (Skill). A higher Tool Smithing (Skill) will result in a higher quality for an item created from that skill group.

The Steel Pickaxe's primary use is to mine stone and ore, and destroy stone and metal blocks. While the Steel Pickaxe does have a slower swing-time than the Iron Pickaxe, it does more than double the block damage.

A Steel Pickaxe can mine/destroy blocks up to four blocks away.


The Steel Pickaxe is crafted at a Workbench.png Workbench with the following materials:

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