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Stone Axe
Basic Information
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Group Tools/Traps
Category Tool, Weapon
Type Melee
Loot Container
Gear Slot
Covering Attribute
Block Properties
Hit Points 250
Storage Slots
Horizontal Support
Light Opacity
Upgrades to
Breaks to
Weapon/Tool Properties
Entity Damage 10
Power Attack Entity Damage
Block Damage 1
Power Attack Block Damage
Range 2.1
Effective Range
Explosion Range Entities
Explosion Range Blocks
Attacks per Minute
Rounds per Minute
Reload Time
Ammo Type
Magazine Size
Stamina Usage
Power Attack Stamina Usage
Damage Multiplier: Earth
Damage Multiplier: Metal
Damage Multiplier: Stone
Damage Multiplier: Wood
Butcher Tool
Butcher Damage Multiplier
Butcher Resource Multiplier
Disassemble Tool
Vehicle Properties
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Sprint Speed
Protection Properties
Cold Resist
Heat Resist
Armor Rating
Elemental Protection
Effect Protection
Mobility Reduction
Stamina Regen Reduction
Noise Increase
Consumption Effects
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on max Stamina
Effect on Stamina regen
Effect on Health
Effect on Max Health
Cure Percentage
Buff Effect
Buff Duration
Dysentery Chance (%)
Characteristic Properties
Durability (Min Quality)
Durability (Max Quality)
Degradation per Use
Mod Type
Compatible Mods
Repaired Using Small Stone
Electrical Power Required
Base Price
Max Stack 1
Scrapping/Forging Properties
Scraps into
Meltable No
Combustible Yes
Burn Time 0:34
Farming Properties
Crop produced
Seed used
Time to grow
Obtainable Through


A Stone Axe is a multi-purpose Tool that can be used to cut wood, dig earth, mine ores, repair damaged blocks much like a Repair Tool as well as serving as a melee Weapon. It is very easy to craft and all the required items needed to craft it can be obtained very easily. A Stone Axe cannot be dismantled, scrapped or melted in a Forge, but it can be used as a source of Combustible fuel. It is recommended that you craft a Stone Axe as soon as possible as it is extremely useful early in the game.


As a Tool[]

When using a Stone Axe as a tool it can be used in the following ways

  • Clicking the left mouse button will swing a Stone Axe and hit any item that is behind the cross-hair and within range, this will allow you to cut down Trees, dig into the earth and mine down into the Stone found underground. It should be noted that a Stone Axe is not an appropriate tool for any particular type of block and it will take much longer to destroy blocks when compared to using the correct appropriate tool.
  • Clicking the right mouse button will use a Stone Axe to repair any block that is behind the cross-hair and within range, provided that the block in question can be repaired. You can also use a Stone Axe as an upgrade tool in the same way a Repair Tool is used. A Stone Axe can only be used to upgrade a block if you are carrying the correct items needed to perform the upgrade, if you have these items then clicking the right mouse button on the block will upgrade it. A Repair Tool is more efficient than a Stone Axe when used for upgrading blocks.

As a Weapon[]

During combat a Stone Axe is a fairly effective short range weapon and can kill an average Zombie with two direct hits to the head or 10 hits or more to the body. It is more effective against one or two Zombies, but can be effective when dealing with a smaller group of Zombies at close quarters. It can be used very effectively against single Zombies when combined with the stealth of crouching to launch a sneak attack.


Required Items[]

Before you can craft a Stone Axe you will need the following items.

1x Small Stone
1x Stick
1x Plant Fibers

Crafting Recipe[]

You can craft a Stone Axe by placing the required items into the crafting grid in the positions as shown below.


rockSmall1 Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Crafting time: 0:04


The condition of a Stone Axe deteriorates with each use until eventually it will be destroyed, before this happens it can be repaired. This can be done using a Small Stone and each one used will restore 10 Durability. The example shown below is merely to illustrate the items needed as currently they can be placed into the crafting grid in any position.


StoneAxe1 RockSmall1
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Crafting time: 0:01


How To: Stone Axe


Stone Axe
An in game screen shot of a Stone Axe.