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Current game stage: 1
Strip Club
Boobie Trap A19.png
Outside of a Strip Club called Boobie Trap.
'Removed: '
Category Point of Interest
Biome Any
Coordinates 102 N, 1862 W

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Strip Clubs are medium sized abandoned buildings that have signs outside that say 'The Boobie Trap' and 'Girls'. In the back there is a Chemistry Station. Random mines are placed through out the inside and outside. It also serves as a good place to find leather due to the high number of leather booths.

Location in Navezgane[]

The only Strip Club is located in the Pine Forest at 102 N, 1855 W.

Map bar stripclub.jpg

Locations in Random World Generation[]

Strip Clubs can spawn anywhere from the city to the wilderness.