Every 1, 3 or 7 days (depending on server settings), an Air Drop will occur. An airplane will fly overhead and drop supplies in a Supply Crate. It will be visible for a short time with a trail of red smoke coming from it. Once that dissipates, the crate will be more difficult to find.  Once the crate has been viewed and exited, it will be destroyed. 

Military Guns and Ammo

Military Weapon Parts

.44 Magnum Parts
.44 Magnum Frame
.44 Magnum Cylinder
SMG Barrel
SMG Stock
SMG Receiver
SMG Parts
Sniper Rifle Barrel
Sniper Rifle Stock
Sniper Rifle Receiver
Sniper Rifle Parts

SMG and Ammo

9mm Round

Sniper Rifle and Ammo

Sniper Rifle
7.62mm Round

Rare Books

MinibikesForDumbshits.png Minibikes For Dumbshits
TheEnforcerMagazine.png Enforcer Magazine
ClubSpikedSchematic.png Spiked Club Schematic
GasCanSchematic.png Gas Can Schematic
FlamingArrowSchematic.png Flaming Arrow Schematic
ExplodingCrossbowBoltSchematic.png Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic
SledgehammerSchematic.png Sledgehammer Schematic
IronHelmetSchematic.png Iron Helmet Schematic
IronChestArmorSchematic.png Iron Chest Armor Schematic
IronLegArmorSchematic.png Iron Leg Armor Schematic
IronBootsSchematic.png Iron Boots Schematic
IronGlovesSchematic.png Iron Gloves Schematic
SmgSchematics.png SMG Schematic
SniperRifleSchematic.png Sniper Rifle Schematic
AugerSchematic.png Auger Schematic
FirstAidKitSchematic.png First Aid Kit Schematic


First Aid Kit


Large Beef Ration
Chicken Ration
Lamb Ration


  • The in-game name of the Supply Crate (as seen at the top of its loot window) is sc_General, which stands for "supply crate_General".
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