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Removing The Crafting Grid[edit source]

This page uses DPL to search for pages and populate the table. Previously, DPL searched for pages containing the Template:Grid/Crafting_Table and the Category:Weapon. I have changed it to search for pages containing both Category:Craftable_items AND Category:Weapon to populate the table.

However, now the "Required Materials" column of the table will be empty, as information in the page's crafting grid was used to populate that column. I think a good solution would be to create a new recipe template that can be used to create a specifically formatted recipe box, similar to what is used on the Ak_47#Crafting:

Currently this is simply a hand-rolled table. But maybe it could be a template that does more work, similar to what the crafting grid template did:

Ak47Barrel.png 1x Ak 47 Barrel
Ak47Receiver.png 1x Ak 47 Receiver
Ak47Stock.png 1x Ak 47 Stock
Ak47Parts.png 1x Ak 47 Parts

Mcwresearch (talk) 22:06, 2 February 2016 (UTC)