7 Days to Die Wiki

I wanted to add a section about PC alchemy. Meaning certain things you can craft on the PC version that give you more resources or different resources than you used to make them. By doing this you can stay in your base all night while gaining resources and XP for harvesting, to the point you could get infinite resources and upgrade your base to steel without leaving your base if you have food and a bucket of water. -Wood Log: cost 4 Wood, harvest for 12 wood+ with stone axe -Window: cost 4 wood, harvest for 2-3 Glass -Camp Fire: cost 8 small stone, place against a wall and it falls, often becoming Destroyed Stone. Harvest for a gain of small stones and sand -Stone: cost 10 Sand + 18 Small Stone + 4 Cement (about 30 small stone with forge and Cement Mixer, or see Camp Fire above), harvest with Iron Pick Axe for 30+ Small Stone and 2+ Iron -Water: Place bucket of water in a small hole, scoop out bottles of murky water, once the water gets low scoop it into bucket and place to refill the hole to a full bucket level. If this makes it onto the Crafting page or a sub-page, please add any other methods I may have missed. This may all change in Alpha 17.