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I added information on the effects of temperature that was found by another user on the forums, and stuck a reference to the forum poster. An error of no reference tag came up, and I am new to wikis, so not sure what to do to fix that.

I removed a part from leveled crafting because it was incorrect. Somebody wrote, "However, an addition or subtraction of a perfect 50 is rare since every number from 1-50 has an equal chance; one is more likely to see qualities with random values such as 143 or 201 at this level." This is misleading. It is just as likely that 143 will come up as 201 or any other number within the range. They even say it in their own sentence, "every number from 1-50 has an equal chance", so why would one be more likely to see qualities in the middle than the end? Just idiotic.. complete lack of thought.... The people that write here .. my god. Stop trying so hard.

Time - I haven't found the info anywhere, but how long is a game day/night cycle in real time? A minute seems to be roughly a little longer than 2 seconds, but I was wondering what they are officially.-- 06:04, 11 July 2015 (UTC)

EnDotter - I added a new category (not sure about terminology here) where i wrote a bit about skill system and listed all the skills and perks (hopefully) (18/04/2016 12:40 CET)


The article contains some dated information. For example, the duration of a default day is incorrect, it's currently 04:00 - 22:00.

Also, there is a lot of advice, making the page read more like a guide than pure documentation of in-game mechanics. For example the statement "Housing is vital to survival and can be easily destroyed by Zombies." fits perfectly in a guide but doesn't adequately discuss the mechanics of block damage as in pure-dur, hardness, etc.

GrayBeard_Actual Mcwresearch Avatar.png (talk) 10:59 April 20, 2016 (GMT+8)

I've started to break out a lot of this information into individual articles. Having things like Quality as its own article has some advantages:

  1. We can link to that article easily, rather than linking to an article+section
  2. When specifics change for something, like the Quality levels, for example, if we have just one article for it, we only need to change the specifics there. Previously we had multiple articles with sections that contained the quality levels with colors, meaning both had to be known/found and changed to remain accurate.
  3. With separate articles we avoid having a "wall of text" as was commented on Talk:Beginners_Guide.

GrayBeard_Actual Mcwresearch Avatar.png (talk) 12:47, 24 May 2016 (UTC)