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1. Can a player set more than one land claim block to claim more land?

2. If yes, do they need to be close to each other or is it possible to spread them all over the map? For example to build many shelter houses all spreaded over the map, several hundreds of blocks away?

3. Is there a command line to ask the server about the land claim settings in read mode as a normal player without admin privileges?

4. Is there a way to see my own land that is claimed by my block after the block is set? Imagine you have built the land claim somewhere deep in the ground and you want to see on the surface if a block is protected, then this is rather inconvenient when using techniques like counting. If the land claim block is deep in the ground, you obviously can't see it.

Above question posed by (talk) 19:24, 1 April 2015‎

To partially answer your questions:
  1. Yes. You can place a seemingly-unlimited number of land claim blocks (LCB)
  2. No. You can use separate blocks on land separated by a seemingly-unlimited amount of distance.
  3. Not that I know of—I've never read nor heard of such a command.
  4. No. After the block is set you will have to manually compute the protection zone.
If anyone has a definitive answer for #3, please share.

Cleanup/Update[edit source]

Several items need to be addressed in this article:

  1. It references the obsolete crafting grid, so the recipe needs to be updated.
  2. The format should be improved. Instead of regurgitating bullet points from game update notes from a very old version, the article should read like others on this wiki.
  3. The information should be laid out very clearly, including a diagram indicating the protection zone. I've seen people use the wrong term on other sites by stating it has a 7 meter radius when it has a 3 meter radius and even saying that is not totally accurate because the game operates in squares, not circles.
  4. A "see more" section that includes links to other forums where LCBs are discussed, might help (though it might further confuse the issue).
  5. The questions posed above might also be incorporated into the revision.
  6. Verify the server settings or better yet, consider linking to another page where all server settings are kept so that when server settings change, they only have to be changed in one location and all other locations merely reference that original source, either through a "see also" type reference or through a DPL query.
  7. Needs updated images. The friends tab no longer looks like the picture and the image File:Screenshot_Placing_Keystone.jpg is misleading in that it seems to indicate that once the block is set, you can still see the zone of protection, which you can't as of at least A13.
  8. Standardize the terms. The game doesn't refer to it as a "keystone" so this article shouldn't either.

Sources of additional information[edit source]

Mcwresearch (talk)