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Alpha 18 Changes[]

I suspect that in Alpha 18, with perk unlocked crafted items such as the Wrench and Double Barrel Shotgun, that with each increase in item quality level, the increase in the amount of materials required is proportional to the greatest common divisor (GCD) of the recipe as a set. For example, the GCD for the Double Barrel Shotgun would be (2):

Double Barrel Shotgun

Another example, the Wrench, also with a GCD of (2):


With each increased level of quality, you can multiply this calculated value, either by the perk level (n), or the quality level (n-1), and then add that to the Base Quantity to calculate the required amount of materials needed to craft that level (of quality).

Feel free to apply this to any other recipes as well if it so happens to disprove this. I think this would be useful information to include somewhere to inform people of this A18 specific change.

--Erwinsky (talk) 04:22, 26 January 2020 (UTC)

Alpha 19[]

Information.pngQuestion: Is it possible to increase the quality of an existing tool? If so, please add to the wiki how to do that. If not, please add more detail on how tools of higher level are obtained - crafting with certain perks? scavenging? crafting after having spent more time in the game?

Answer: Answer