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Adds an infobox for Buffs


{{Infobox buff
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = 
|caption =
|image_alt1 = 
|caption_alt1 =
|image_alt2 = 
|caption_alt2 =
|category = 
|type = 
|cause = 
|duration = 
|hunger = 
|thirst = 
|health = 
|duration_he = 
|stamina = 
|duration_st = 
|well = 
|consumption = 


Parameter Default Value Description
name Infobox buff/Sandbox Name of the Buff
image Main Image of the buff
caption Caption for the Main Image
image_alt1 First alternate Image of the buff
caption_alt1 Caption for the First alternate Image
image_alt2 Second alternate Image of the buff
caption_alt2 Caption for the Second alternate Image
category Buff Category
Recognized values:
Status Effect
type Buff Type
Recognized values:
cause What the buff is caused by
duration Overall Duration of the buff
hunger Effect on Fullness
thirst Effect on Hydration
health Effect on Health
duration_he Duration of Effect on Health
stamina Effect on Stamina
duration_st Duration of Effect on Stamina
well Effect on Wellness
consumption Other Effects of the buff
speed Effect on speed
stack discard Recognized values are discard, stack, extend, reset (see below for explanation)

Stack Parameter[]

Some buffs can have a stack, or cumulative effect. The stack effect is what happens to subsequent applications of the same effect on the same entity.

As defined in buffs.xml:

"discard" discards any addition buff of that type (it is ignored).

"reset" will reset the time on the buff

"stack" will stack up to a number specified by "stacklimit".

"extend" will extend the existing buff.