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This template generates an infobox for location including Points of Interest and Biomes. The Infobox provides a summary of features associated with a given location. It is intended to organize the information consistently across all locations and provide a quick reference-point for pertinent information about the location.

Formatting and ordering of information is largely done by the template with a few exceptions noted below (sizing images, adding links, etc).

Information is passed to the template in the form of parameters and values that are designated as such: |parameter = value. Parameters containing no value or only whitespace will be ignored and not included in the infobox.

Boolean Values[]

Parameters that expect boolean values such as true or false allow for some variation in terminology as in the following:

1, y, yes, t, true = TRUE
0, n, no, f, false = FALSE

For more information, see the documentation for Template:Validate_bool


Basic syntax:

{{Infobox item
| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| parameter  = value
| parameter  = value
| parameter  = value


Use the following to easily create new infoboxes. Cut and paste the code then replace the values as appropriate.


{{Infobox locations
|category =
|type = 
|location = 
|biome =
|coordinates =
|navezgane =
|rwgmap = 
|added_version =
|removed_version =
|updated_version =
|confirmed_version =


Parameter Legal Values Description Auto-categorizes Auto-links
category Biome
Game World
Point of Interest
Storage Place
type Does not seem to be used at the moment.
location Other location that this location is associated with, eg the Church is on Apache St N
biome Desert
Pine Forest
Snowy Forest
Burnt Forest
Nuclear Fallout Zone
The biome or biomes that this location is in on the Game Worlds map, only relevant to Navezgane at the moment. A street can be in multiple biomes. If a list of biomes is given, then it is comma separated. Should not be a link. N Y
coordinates The coordinates of the location on the Game Worlds map, only relevant to Navezgane at the moment. N
navezgane Y/N Does this location appear on the Navezgane map. Y
rwgmap Y/N Is it possible for this location to be automaticly placed on the Randomly Generated Map. Y
added_version <Version String> The version of 7D2D that the Location was added.
Note: This can not be a link.
removed_version <Version String> The version of 7D2D that the Location was removed.
Note: This can not be a link.
updated_version <Version String> [, <Version String> ...] A comma separated list of versions that the locaation has been updated.
Note: These can not be links.
confirmed_version <Version String> The latest version that the Location has been comfirmed to be working. Should only be updated to the latest version when the details have been confirmed to be correct.
Note: These can not be links.