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This template generates an infobox for skills. The Infobox provides a summary of statistics associated with a given skill. It is intended to organize the information consistently across all skills and provide a quick reference-point for pertinent information about the item.

Information is passed to the template in the form of parameters and values that are designated as such: |parameter = value. Parameters containing no value or only whitespace will be ignored and not included in the infobox.


Applying this template will automatically categorize the article as Category:Skills. In addition, the group and perk parameters can add categories to the article.

The perk parameter will categorize the article as Category:Perks.

The group parameter will categorize as follows:

Value Category
firearms Category:Skills_firearms
weapons Category:Skills_weapons
tools Category:Skills_tools
clothing Category:Skills_clothing
scavenging Category:Skills_scavenging
health Category:Skills_health
crafting Category:Skills_crafting
science Category:Skills_science

To suppress auto-categorization altogether, use |nocat=1.


{{Infobox skill
| name = {{PAGENAME}}
| parameter  = value
| parameter  = value
| parameter  = value


Basic Parameters

Parameter Legal Values Function Example Auto-categorizes?
name Name of Skill |name=Athletics
image Name of Icon for skill. Many can be found here |image=run_icon.png
image_alt1 Alternate image #1 |image_alt1=walk_icon.png
image_alt2 Alternate image #2 |image_alt2=stop_icon.png
caption Caption to be displayed under image |caption=Best available resolution
caption_alt1 Caption to be displayed under alt image #1 |caption_alt1=Second best available resolution
caption_alt2 Caption to be displayed under alt image #1 |caption_alt2=Worst available resolution
nocat Will suppress auto-categorization. |nocat=1 Disabled
attribute The attribute group that this skill is part of.
effects What effects this skill or perk modifies |effects = RepairTime<br>RepairAmount<br>RepairQualityLoss
effectschance Chance the effect is successful |effectschance=10
max_level <integer> Maximum obtainable level |max_level=5
sp_level <integer> Skill Points required per level |sp_level=4
sp_multiplier <float> The increase in skill points that are required per level. The skill point value that is required is rounded. |sp_multiplier=1.49
added_version <Version String> The version of 7D2D that the NPC was added.
Note: This can not be a link.
removed_version <Version String> The version of 7D2D that the NPC was removed.
Note: This can not be a link.
updated_version <Version String> [, <Version String> ...] A comma separated list of versions that the npc has been updated.
Note: These can not be links.
confirmed_version <Version String> [, <Version String> ...] A comma separated list of versions that the NPC has been comfirmed to be working. Should only be updated to the latest version when the details have been confirmed to be correct.
Note: These can not be links.

Use the following to easily create new infoboxes. Cut and paste the code then replace the values as appropriate. Cut the Basic one first, and then the Skills or Perk code as required and place inside the Infobox.

Basic - Cut & Paste
{{Infobox skill
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = 
|image_alt1 =
|image_alt2 =
|size =
|caption =
|caption_alt1 =
|caption_alt2 =
|nocat =
|effects =
|effectschance =
|max_level =
|sp_level =
|added_version =
|removed_version =
|updated_version =
|confirmed_version =

Skill Parameters

Parameter Legal Values Function Example Auto-categorizes?
group The group as assigned in progression.xml |group=health Y
exp_level Experience required per level |exp_level=110
exp_multiplyer Not sure at the moment what this does. Assumed that more experience per level is required.
Skill Parameters - Cut & Paste
|group =
|exp_level =
|exp_multiplyer = 
|req_lvl_1 =
|req_lvl_2 =
|req_lvl_3 =
|req_lvl_4 =
|req_lvl_5 =

Perk Parameters

Parameter Legal Values Function Example Auto-categorizes?
perk <Boolean> Is this skill a perk? |perk=yes Y
required_player_level <integer> Minimum player level required to obtain perk |required_player_level=5
required_skill_name <Defined Skill Name> A comma separated list of skills required to obtain this perk. Note: Only one of required_skill_name and required_player_level can be used. |required_skill_name=Armor Smithing (Skill), ...
required_skill_level <integer> A comma separated list of skill levels of that match up with the required_skill_name fields. |required_skill_level=5, ...
unlocks <Recipes, ...> The skills or other features that are unlocked by this perk.
Perk Parameters - Cut & Paste
|perk =
|required_player_level =
|required_skill_name =
|required_skill_level =
|unlocks = 

Additional notes from progression.xml about gating:


Only use requirements on perks. Player, Crafting, and Action skills do not properly support requirements at this time. Requirements allow the gating of perks so that the benefits can be stretched out over the course of the game. Instead of having to make two perks with different requirements, this allows us to simply have perks with multiple tiers gated by player level or the level of some other skill or perk.

There can be any number of requirements, even for the same skill_level. The parameter "skill_level" is required on all requirement entries. "required_skill_level" must exist if "required_skill_name" exists. If "required_skill_name" exists, it will ignore "required_player_level" so never use both in one <requirement> node.

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