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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template contains all the different lootprobtemplates the game has as in Alpha 18.2. Feel free to update the values if they are incorrect.

Usage[edit source]

This template needs two values: Lootprobtemplate and gamestage. The first one should be the exact same as in the .XML files, depending which one of them the item's probability follows. The second one is usually given using a fancy Java Script box, so the user can change it. These two together set the right value from the lists. The template simply goes to the correct list based on the Lootprobtemplate and starts going down until the equation is true. Then it returns the value. An example can be seen in the LootGroup - vehicleParts -page. The fancy box appears if the page has the category Changing Loot.

Easy Copy-Paste -Format[edit source]