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The level of protection is displayed in game by hovering over the item to show its tool tip, the values shown on each item are not the actual level of protection offered by the item of Clothing but rather a total of the protection offered when worn as a set of five items.

  • This set includes Chest Armor, Boots, Gloves, Hat, and Leg Armor. Currently Glasses and Face are not part of a set. It can include a Jacket. At least one item in every hit location.
  • Getting a full set does not seem to impart any special protection levels.
  • It is however important to have a item of clothing in each hit location.
Animal Hide Set
Chest Feet Hands Head Legs
Jacket Chest Armor Boots Gloves Hat Leg Armor
Poncho Chest Armor Boots Gloves Hood Leg Armor
AnimalHidePoncho.png AnimalHideJacket.png AnimalHideBoots.png AnimalHideGloves.png AnimalHideHoodd.png AnimalHidePants.png

Protection Values[]

  • The table below shows the differences between the protection values.
  • All protection values in the game are presented as a percentage.
  • Displayed Protection Values represents the value of Protection - Animal Hide as shown in the game.
  • Actual Protection Values represent the value of Protection - Animal Hide on it's own.
  • Only the protection value with the highest value has an effect on stopping damage in each of the 5 hit locations.
Displayed Protection Values
Concussive Puncture Radiation Fire Electrical
7 - 35% 6 - 30% 4 - 20% 4 - 20% 7 - 10%
Actual Protection Values
Concussive Puncture Radiation Fire Electrical
1.2 - 7.0% 1.1 - 6.0% 0.8 - 4.0% 0.8 - 4.0% 1.2 - 2.0%


When being hit by a ranged weapon, only the item with the highest protection value in the slot that is hit is taken into account to see if you are protected and how much by. It is also the item that takes the degradation from the hit.