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This template is used to format data for pages that use DPL searches around the recipe template.

When called by a DPL query, this template will create a phantom template in the context of the page queried. The formatting makes it possible to pull certain data from the recipe table of a page and format it in another table, such as a report.

This will only work if the page queried contains the recipe template.

For more information see this page: http://semeb.com/dpldemo/index.php?title=Include#include


Basic usage[]

The query below will search all pages in the weapons category for the recipe template. If an article in the weapons category contains the recipe template, it will pull each item and item count from the recipe box and place it in the appropriate cell of a table (see output below). This is mainly useful for DPL queries or other instances where a smaller representation of the recipe is desired.


|uses = Template:Recipe
|include = {infobox item}:image, {infobox item}:category, {Recipe} dpl, {infobox item}:unlocked
|secseparators = ¶¦ {{#if:,,|[[File:,|30px|link=%PAGE%]]|[[File:Placeholder.png|30px|link=%PAGE%]]}} [[%PAGE%]],¶¦,,¶¦,¶¦,
|multisecseparators = ,,<br>
|format={¦ class="wikitable sortable"¶!Item!!Category!! class="unsortable" ¦ Required Materials!!Unlocked Through,¶¦-,,¶¦}
Item Category Required Materials Unlocked Through
ShotgunTurret.png Shotgun Auto Turret Trap Forged Steel *40 , Scrap Polymers *15 , Oil *15 , Motion Sensor *1 , Shotgun Parts *3 Advanced Engineering lvl 4
AutoTurret.png SMG Auto Turret Trap Motion Sensor *1 , Forged Steel *30 , Handgun Parts *3 , Oil *10 , Scrap Polymers *5 Advanced Engineering lvl 5

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