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The Dead Rooster
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Outside of countrytown_business_13
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Category Point of Interest


Game Worlds

Navezgane No
Random World Generation

Description[ | ]

The Dead Rooster or countrytown_business_13 is a 2 story Point of Interest that is an open area inside with stairs that lead up to tables. The 1st floor area contains tables and chairs, Pool tables and a bar area.

The stairs leading downstairs contains caged Chickens that were apparently used in the past to fight in shady gambling cock fights.

This Point of Interest does not generate in Navezgane.

Location in Random World Generation[ | ]


There are 14 different types of Countrytown Businesses but 11 & 12 are not in the game files.

Prefab Size Biome Locations in Navezgane RWG Loot Containers
countrytown_business_01 Medium Wasteland 1790 W, 2207 S
countrytown_business_02 Small Snowy Forest 482 W, 1854 N
countrytown_business_03 Large Forest 771 W, 895 N
countrytown_business_04 Medium Forest 737 W, 946 N -
countrytown_business_05 Medium Snowy Forest 227 W, 1277 N -
countrytown_business_07 small Desert 1678 E, 1719 S -
countrytown_business_08 small - N/A -
countrytown_business_09 large - N/A -
countrytown_business_13 medium - N/A -
countrytown_business_14 small - N/A -

Images[ | ]