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The Toolbelt is a key gameplay feature in 7 Days to Die that allows players to access and use their most essential tools and items quickly during gameplay. Understanding how to manage and utilize the Toolbelt efficiently is crucial for surviving in the harsh post-apocalyptic world of the game.


A screenshot taken at the start of a game in Alpha 21.2

Overview[ | ]

The Toolbelt consists of a row of slots where players can place their most frequently used tools and items for easy access. It is located at the bottom of the player's screen during gameplay and is also visible while accessing multiple other menu screens, such as the Crafting Window screen.


By default, the Toolbelt has ten slots. The currently selected slot is outlined in white.

Adding Items[ | ]

Players can add items to the Toolbelt by selecting them from their inventory and dragging them into the desired Toolbelt slot. Alternatively, players can shift-leftclick an item in their inventory to place it in the first open Toolbelt slot.

Usage[ | ]

During gameplay, players can switch between items in the Toolbelt by scrolling the mouse wheel or pressing the corresponding hotkey (dafaults 1 through 0) for the desired slot. This allows for quick access to weapons, tools, medical supplies, and other essential items without interrupting gameplay.

Hotkeys for the Toolbelt can be changed by accessing the Esc->Options->Controls menu and selecting the Toolbelt tab.

Experience Progress Bar[ | ]

Bordering just above the Toolbelt slots, there is a horizontal experience progress bar which slowly fills in purple as the player gains experience towards their next Character Level.

Food and Water Bars[ | ]

Bordering just below the Toolbelt slots, there are two horizontal bars: a green one on the left representing the current Fullness (Food) status, and a blue one on the right representing the current Hydration (Water) status. To see the exact values of these statistics, navigate to the Character Window screen.