“This torch can be used as a light source or weapon with a chance to catch enemies on fire. Place with secondary action. May attract zombies.”


The Torch is primarily used as a hand-held source of light, similar to the Candle. Torches can also be used as a weapons with a chance to set targets on fire. Torches can be mounted on walls with the secondary mouse button. This allows the player to equip other tools while a light source is present. The Torch cana be picked up again by looking at the torch and pressing the E key. A torch will burn indefinitely unless either destroyed or extinguished by water.

Torches cannot be scrapped or dismantled but can be used a fuel source in a Campfire, Forge, or Chemistry Station.


Torches can be crafted with the following materials:

Heat Map

A player placed torch will generate a Zombie heat map ", making it mroe likely that zombies will spawn, ore be attracted. A torch taht has been placed as part of a POI may not generate a "Zombie heat map" depending on which assets the creator uses. As soon as a player picks up a torch of any sort and places it, the torch becomes a player placed torch and will generate a heat map value.

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