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Current game stage: 1
A trading post in Navezgane
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Category Point of Interest

Game Worlds
Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Description[edit | edit source]

Traders are dotted around the world where you can buy and sell items for Duke's Casino Tokens. Traders are open from 06:05 - 21:50. What items are available vary, and traders restock after a set interval, which can be seen in the upper bar of the interface while talking to the respective trader. On the Navezgane map, locations are listed as "Traitor Joel's". The structure and area around it are indestructible, neither the player or the zombies can break in. It is however possible to loot all the base's containers and pick up some of the trading post's furniture such as bedrolls. This may prove useful for players in the early game, as the tutorial quest involves travelling to the nearest trader and the encased houses pose a relatively safe place to loot due to their indestructibility.

The post can't be used as the base as the player can't place or destroy any blocks and is constantly thrown out during night.

Traders have their normal offers and a "Secret Stash". To view items offered from their secret stash, you must view the Secret Stash tab by clicking the Safe icon in list of offered items - they are NOT shown in the "All" category.

Currently this is the only location where Player Rentable Vending Machines can be found and rented.

Locations in Random World Generation[edit | edit source]

Traders spawn randomly around the world.

Specialties[edit | edit source]

Traders specialize in selling specific types of items, usually offering a greater variety of items in their specialty (in addition to other supplies):

  • Trader Joel: Armor
  • Trader Jen: Medical supplies
  • Trader Bob: Tools and vehicles
  • Trader Rekt: Food and seeds
  • Trader Hugh: Weapons and ammo

Perks[edit | edit source]

  • Better Barter affects the cost or sale price of an item, and eventually upgrades the traders' "Secret Stash" with higher quality and rarer items.

Images[edit | edit source]