A Tree is a generated resource that drops Wood whilst being cut and toppled. Using a Fireaxe to chop down trees will decrease the time it takes to fell, but your efficiency will decrease if your Stamina is low and vise versa. Falling trees, like any other falling block, will damage Zombies below them. Trees will not regenerate on their own but you can replant trees from saplings, from which trees will go through 2 or more stages of growth, gaining durability as the amount of wood they offer through harvesting increases, along with their physical appearance. In the trees final stage it will have 1200 durability. While wood is gained during the chopping of the tree approximately half of the total wood gathered from the tree will be gained once the tree has been felled.


Various Trees are found in six different biomes and the Nuclear Fallout Zone. Not all trees are found in all biomes but rather particular trees populate different types of biome.


There are a number of different types of trees; the following are the only ones that can be replanted:

Cannot be replanted:

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