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A selection of Birch and Maple trees as seen in the Forest biome

Description[ | ]

Trees are essential environmental objects that players interact with for resources. Trees provide Wood, which is a crucial material for crafting various items, building structures, and fueling fires. Wood can be harvested from trees, and new trees can be planted to maintain a sustainable source of wood.

Tree Types[ | ]

Trees in the game vary in size and appearance, contributing to the game's immersive survival experience. Naturally-found trees generated at map creation normally do not respawn on their own after being cut down. However, several types of trees will yield Seeds when cut down, making these trees plantable.

Plantable trees[ | ]

Non-plantable trees[ | ]

  • White Oak
  • Alaska Cedar
  • Maple Tree
  • Cactus

Planting[ | ]

Planting new trees requires first obtaining the Seed of the desired tree type. Seeds can be harvested by chopping down a tree that is stage 1 or greater growth stage.

Once the appropriate seed is obtained, it can be planted by placing it into suitable ground. This ground must have a Fertility Level of at least 1, must have access to natural light, and must be located at least 4 blocks away from any other tree.

Tree Growth[ | ]

Once planted by a player, a tree will grow over time. Naturally-found trees generated at map creation do not grow to more mature stages.

Trees planted by a player will initially appear as small saplings. They will slowly grow in stages until a maximum size is reached. Each planted tree has up to four different growth stages beyond the sapling stage. The Fertility Level of the ground in which the tree has been planted determines the maximum growth potential of that tree. The initial requirement for planting is a Fertility Level of 1. Each stage of growth takes 63 minutes to progress to the next one. Players can assess the growth stage of a tree by its visual appearance or by checking its durability.

Harvesting[ | ]

Harvesting a tree will yield resources (Wood and Seeds) based on the tree growth stage. Newly-planted trees, or saplings, cannot be harvested or directly attacked. They do not provide any resources if they are destroyed by digging up the ground in which they are planted or by burning them with fire.

Tree Growth Stage Soil Fertility Required Hit Points Wood Harvested Seeds Harvested
Sapling 1 10 0 0
Stage 1 1 300 30 1
Stage 2 1 600 70 2
Stage 3 3 900 110 2
Stage 4 5 1200 150 2

Using an Appropriate Tool such as an Iron Fireaxe or a Steel Fireaxe will decrease the time it takes to chop down the tree but does not affect the total resources obtained.

The amount of wood harvested can be increased with the Mother Lode perk, the Art of Mining Vol. 3 perk book (after drinking either Coffee or Blackstrap Coffee), or by consuming Rock Busters candy.

Notes[ | ]

  • Trees that are damaged do not regenerate their Hit Points. If they mature to a new growth stage, they carry their damage forward.
  • Maple Trees used to be in the game but were removed in Alpha 17.
  • Birch Trees used to be in the game but were removed in an unknown earlier version.