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From The Fun Pimps: "With Twitch Integration, viewers can connect with your apocalypse. While streaming your gameplay on http://twitch.tv your viewers can spend points and interact with your gameplay. You are able to tailor your experience through in game options, allowing full control over how much or little influence your viewers have on your survival rate." The Fun Pimps' Twitch Integration Guide

Twitch Integration can be enabled from the In-Game menu, and it can affect both the Streamer and their party members. In order to login to Twitch Integration, you must hold a valid permission level on the host, and be registered with http://twitch.tv .

Twitch Settings[]

Integration settings become available once connected, these can be modified per session. The settings allow you to change how much you want the Twitch chat to be able to interact. When Twitch Integration is active, there will be a lightning bolt displayed by the players name in the player list. Each player in the streamer's party can choose to opt in or out. If multiple party members are integrated with Twitch, the cooldown bar will still distribute points between party members, but it will operate independently.


Spawns and Supplies spawned display the name of the viewer which activated it. Spawns and Supplies default target the streamer. A party member can be targeted by adding their name or number as a suffix to the command.

Status Display[]

Appears on the right side of the screen, with three different states: Cooldown, Ready, and Safe. The Status Display lists the commands which are available. There is a Pause button to pause the use of commands. Clicking the Gear Cog opens the Twitch Info Window

Twitch Info Window[]

  • Action List: Lists all commands. Blue commands are positive, red are negative, grey are disabled.
  • Action History: Logs all chat commands executed successfully. Refreshes each login.
  • Leaderboard: Displays the name of the viewer and how many kills are credited to them. These stats save for the duration of the savegame.

Safe Zones[]

Cooldown Bar[]

Fills based on points spent on spawns If more than one party member is integrated, points are distributed across all cooldown bars

Advanced Use[]

There are two new xml's that can be edited: twitch.xml and gameevents.xml Explore at your own risk


Chat Commands[]

Command Description
#spawn_normal spawns a normal zombie
#spawn_crawler spawns a crawler zombie
#spawn_spider spawns a spider zombie
#spawn_biker spawns a biker zombie
#spawn_soldier spawns a soldier zombie
#spawn_mama spawns a big mama zombie
#spawn_cop spawns a cop zombie
#spawn_demo spawns a demo zombie

Admin Chat Commands[]