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Hello Friend,

I don't even know you but I have to share my thoughts in my darkest hour. I've been bitten by one of the monsters and I can feel myself turning. As I fight the urge to eat my own family I feel the need to do one last good deed. Follow this map to one of my many personal stashes. May it keep you alive.

Sincerely Claude

Finding The Chest[]

Once the quest is accepted, an icon is available in the map menu and once the character is close enough to the chest, an icon of a treasure chest will appear in the compass, as in the screenshot below.

Treasure compass.png

Once the character is within the "hot-spot" of the treasure chest (determined by the character's Treasure Hunter (Skill) level, the white treasure chest icon in the compass turns red.

Treasure compass red.png

Once inside the "hot-spot" of the chest, indicated by a red treasure chest icon in the compass (see picture), start finding the edges of the hot-spot where the icon just turns red and use wooden frames to map the edges of the hot-spot. Once the hot-spot radius is mapped with wooden frames, locate the center and begin digging 3-blocks deep in the center, then one block out from the center, in concentric circles until the chest is located.

The hot-spot area is reduced based on the characters Treasure Hunter (Skill) level[1]

Level 1 Treasure Hunter = Within 9 block radius

Level 2 Treasure Hunter = Within 7 block radius

Level 3 Treasure Hunter = Within 5 block radius

These settings can be found (and changed) in progression.xml.


  • The treasure "hot-spot" isn't a true square. The corners are angled, making it diamond-shaped.
  • The box may not be located in the center of the "hot spot"
  • The box could be 3 blocks deep or more.
  • The box can only be opened once, after-which it self-destructs along with everything left inside. Take everything you need the first time!