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General Cleanup[]



Add smell attributes to Template:Infobox_item and update food items with values.

Sort/merge the following: Nitrate_powder, Potassium_Nitrate_Pwdr, Potassium_Nitrate

Sort/merge the following: Decayed Sedan, Sedan, Car

Consolidate Category:Removed Items and Category:Removed

Page name What's needed Completed Y/N Last touched
The_Riddle_of_Steel Update Special:WhatLinksHere/The_Riddle_of_Steel. Marked page as "removed" Y May 23, 2016
Dehydrated Removed. Replaced with Thirsy2 Y May 22, 2016
Full (buff) needs created Y May 22, 2016
Craftable_medicine Broken DPL Y
Starving Removed. Replaced with Hungry2 Y
Building_Materials Change the "Blocks" table to a DPL query N
Pistol+Ammo and Shotgun+Ammo Have a think N
Update icons as necessary N
Cob Web and Wood Log Spike Getting categorized as Category:Weapons and not traps N
Category:Clothing Empty category. Compare VS Category:Gear N
Cloth Pants Make way for Cloth Pants article, per Community Portal N
Help:Redirects How and when, addressing what links here, etc.
See Help:Deleting#Alternatives_To_Deletion once done
Beginners_Guide Good feedback in Talk:Beginners_Guide to address N
Tool_Smithing_(Skill) too much like a guide? N
Auger_Parts Needs expansion N
Miscellaneous Broken DPL N


  • Add weapon buffs pages + update item infobox on existing weapons pages
  • Update icons on existing buffs as needed

Medical Pages Needing Attention[]

Still need to decide what to do about the two categories. Are they both needed and useful or can one be removed for clarity/cleanliness?


Category:Medical_Supplies (meta-category only)
Category:Medicine_(Group) (meta-category only)


Pain_Killers (Buff)

Bleeding (the buff)

Medical supplies redirects to Category:Medical Supplies

Medicine_(Group) (DPL looking for Category:Medicine_(Group) which is empty

The following would be categorized in Category:Medical_Supplies if Template:Infobox_item knew about the category.

They all also seem to use the "group = Medicine (Group)" parameter, which points to the page Medicine_(Group) which uses a DPL query to search based on the empty category Category:Medicine_(Group)

Oh the tangled webs...

Note: items.xml does not categorize or group items as "Medical Supplies." Rather it groups as "Medicine" which we have as Category:Medicine (Group), which is currently empty of items.

*Link Health to main page once it's cleaned up and updated and issues above have been sorted.

Infobox Work[]

  • Need to correct my work with buff in relation to effects. Consolidate the two and reorganize the infobox.
  • Create Template:Categorize for all infoboxes for easier control of autocatting. Template:Infobox_buff also autocategorizes.
  • Add parameters to infobox:
Reload_time Previously done
buff (as in critGunAK47, which is defined in buff.xml)
Concussive Protection
Puncture Protection
Fire Protection
Radiation Protection

Game Mechanics[]

Need to make the page a brief, top-level-overview of all systems with the main information for each system its own page, reducing the "wall of text" that is Game Mechanics:

  • Need articles for buffs: Cold and Hot then link from Weather (which itself needs improved)
  • Several red-links on Stamina need fixed
  • Create dedicated articleExpand article Heatmap
Info: Campfire#Heat_Map maybe better: Game_mechanics#Heat_Map
See sounds.xml: <Noise range="60" prio="1" time="1" heat_map_strength="0.3" heat_map_time="120" />
See blocks.xml:
<property name="HeatMapStrength" value="0.5"/>
<property name="HeatMapTime" value="1200"/><br>
<property name="HeatMapFrequency" value="25"/><br>
<!-- NOTE: HeatMapFrequency is constrained to on blocks that are not tile entities (like the forge or campfire). -->
<!-- 1=min, 15=max NOTE: 1 tick is approximately a 1 to 2 minute real-time interval. -->


Category:Weapons_by_category (meta-category only)
Category:Traps (meta-category only)
Category:Weapons_by_type (meta-category only, subcategories all empty)
Category:Land_mines (empty)
Category:Melee (empty)
Category:Perimeter_Fence (empty)
Category:Projectile (empty)
Category:Pump-action (empty)
Category:Semi-automatic (empty)
Need Category:Automatic

Continue Work on Pages Created[]

Page name Comment Completed? Last touched
CritGunAK47 close enough May 17, 2016
ShotgunWound close enough May 17, 2016
Template:Cleanup Complete Keywords: Template:Cleanup/Sandbox Y May 17, 2016
Map_Menu Needs expansion close enough May 13, 2016‎
7_Days_To_Die_Wiki:Cleanup Consider other management templates to assist N February 25, 2016
Looting_Menu Needs significant expansion. Consider a "menu" group/category N May 13, 2016‎
Crafting_Menu Needs expansion N May 13, 2016‎
Character_Menu Needs expansion N May 13, 2016‎
Skills_Menu Needs expansion N May 13, 2016‎
Template:Warning_Box Add keywords functionality N May 17, 2016
Template:mbox Complete it! N February 12, 2016
Iron (Forge) Expand it N February 23, 2016
Brass (Forge) Expand it N February 23, 2016
Lead (Forge) Expand it N February 23, 2016
Glass (Forge) Expand it N February 23, 2016
Stone (Forge) Expand it N February 23, 2016
Clay (Forge) Expand it N February 23, 2016
Cement_Mixer Expand it N May 4, 2016
Workbench Expand it N May 4, 2016
Animal_Hide_Poncho Expand it N May 4, 2016
Treasure Quest Expand it N May 11, 2016
Quality expand it & link to it N
Heatmap expand it & link to it N