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Hiya everyone! My name is Zanuka, I enjoy playing 7 Days to Die and I also enjoy using the wiki for a number of things, even wikis outside 7D2D. But most of the information on this wiki is very out dated, so far as 2015 out dated. So now I go around, and update any page I feel needs it. I can't update every page, and I'm also not an expert, and I expect I will make some mistakes a long the way and I'm sorry if I do. This page is going to mainly for me to use for links back to pages I either keep an eye on, or pages I am currently editing that cannot be done in a single go. I hope I can update at least some of this wiki so when someone needs it, it will be there, with relevant information on what they are looking for.

Current Focus(es)[]

  • (The wiki pages I am working on that require more than one go at editing until I feel they are up to date.)

Proud Page Creations[]

Proud Page Edits[]