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To Do List / Ideas[]

Note: Feel free to do any of these things yourself. I may not get to them for a long while.

-Update Forged Iron and related pages for A13

-Mark outdated pages with deletion requests

-Update attribute pages

-Update Upgrade page

-Search for references to old meats and remove (Bear Meat, Bear Stew, Boiled Bear, Charred Bear, Grilled Bear, Boiled Venison, Charred Venison, Grilled Venison, Venison, Boiled Pork, Charred Pork, Grilled Pork, Raw Pork, Boiled Rabbit, Charred Rabbit, Grilled Rabbit, Rabbit Kabob, Rabbit Stew, Rabbit on a Stick, Skinned Rabbit)

Cleanup Project[]

Hi there, happy to find another "to-do-list" fan!

I too am focusing on updating pages for A13 and marking outdated pages. I was also marking pages for deletion until I read this page from this wiki's parent website: https://help.gamepedia.com/Deleting_a_page#Alternatives_to_deletion After reading that site, I now mainly use the {{Removed}} tag, which adds a blurb stating the item has been removed from the game. I then work through all the pages that link to it and update the links to something more relevant or remove the link entirely.

I also use the {{Cleanup|Reason=Your Reason}} to mark pages that need to be cleaned up. I have more information about this tag on my to-do page.

Let's work together and see if we can get some momentum going on updating the pages to A13 status, namely by replacing references to the old crafting grid...

--Mcwresearch (talk) 23:00, 1 February 2016 (UTC)